Suwannee County Man Charged With Hiring Hit Man

A man is behind bars accused of hiring a hit man to kill his competitor in the septic tank business.

A search warrant of 61-year-old John Hudson Lundy's Live Oak home led to his arrest Tuesday night. Lundy is accused of giving a man an undisclosed amount of money to kill another man.

Phil Kiracofe, FDLE Spokesperson, says, "There was information that came to us and the Suwannee County Sheriff's Office, Live Oak Police Department about a plot to have someone killed in Live Oak. That investigation ultimately led to the issuance of a warrant for Mr. Lundy."

Police say Lundy spoke with the hit man on several occasions throughout the year to express his seriousness of wanting the hit followed through. The would-be victim is Lundy's competitor in the septic tank business, but investigators say it's not certain if that's the motive.

Phil adds, "As far as we know, obviously the victim wasn't harmed, which is good news. He was not aware that there was a plot to kill him. My understanding is that he was quite surprised to learn of this."

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will not say how the murder plot was discovered. Lundy was booked into the Suwannee County Jail with a $75,000 bond charged with solicitation of first degree murder.

The search continues for the hit man. FDLE says he also lives in Live Oak, but they are not releasing his name.