Frozen Gas Lines Plague Tallahassee Utilities

At 10 a.m. Wednesday morning, 1,200 to 1,500 gas customers lost their connection when two pressure regulators froze and stopped the flow of natural gas.

The same reason the gas problem started in eastern Tallahassee is the same reason customers want it turned back on fast, because of cold weather.

Michelle Bono, City of Tallahassee Spokeswoman, says, "Two pressure regulators froze and stopped the gas flow to about 12 to 1,500 customers."

People living around Chaires Cross Road, Buck Lake Road and Mahan Drive came home to no gas. For some that meant no hot water or use of the stove. For others it meant no heat.

The source of the problem is fixed and crews are out working overtime to get those gas pilot lights lit.

Janet Firestone, a gas customer, says, "I am so grateful to these guys to be out working on such a cold evening. I really appreciate them."

The city says if your pilot light is out, call them, don't attempt to light it yourself; crews will come out free of charge.

The city says attempting to light the pilot could be dangerous and would prefer customers call 891-4YOU and a crew will be out as soon as possible to fix the problem.