Keep Car Running Despite the Cold

You don't want to forget about your car. The sound of an engine starting is a sound you may not hear as frequently this winter, especially if you haven't been taking care of what's under the hood.

Carlton Rankins, a Thomasville resident, says, "During the winter time, if it's not up to par, it'll tell on you. It'll put you down when you need it the most, on the way to work or on the way to church, where ever."

To keep that from happening it just takes a little time.

"Simbo" Dixon, manager of Bain's Auto Service, says, "Have the antifreeze checked and have the transmission fluid checked and everything to make sure it's okay and all. Have your battery checked."

Dixon says if your battery is not strong the cold weather is all it takes to drain its charge completely. You need a battery just as much as you need the belts.

Simbo adds, "If one belt breaks, then you ain't got nothing. It's all gone."

Cold weather can cause an old belt to break. Engine hoses are also important to check.

Simbo says, "Make sure it's still good and soft and all and not real hard. If it's hard it's subject to bust."

Keep all these parts of your engine checked and you can drive to the service station instead of being towed there. Many service stations don't charge to make a quick check under the hood, and it may be all you need to keep from being stranded.