Sigh of Relief

It's business as usual for students at Howard Middle School as they hustle and bustle getting to their respective classes.

Last week, several concerned parents were at a school board meeting voicing concern after learning students may be attending classes at either the high school or the elementary school next year. But that has all changed.

"We did get a wonderful Christmas gift; that's the fact. We don't have to worry when we come back in January. We'll be ready for the challenges and the opportunities brought then to provide the best teaching for the children here at Howard Middle School."

"I’m elated to know the changes have been made that my daughter does not have to stay at the elementary school another year nor be transferred to the high school."

The superintendent is seeking funds to add on the high school but realized they did not have enough students attending the facility to acquire that money. A meeting with the Department of Education proved that was not the case.

"It was discussed we did not have to move any of our middle school students in order to have the high school at capacity before applying for special-needs funding so the good news is we can keep all our children in place," making it a merry Christmas for these children and their parents.