A Local Barber Celebrates a Big Birthday

12-13-14. No, those aren't today's lucky numbers, but the birth date of a Tallahassee man who's been cutting hair for 69 years!

William Delmar Smith just celebrated his birthday. He has been a barber for most of his life, and he's still going strong.

"You don't get rich at it but you can buy groceries with it. That's one thing about it."

Surely there's another reason he's been cutting hair since he stepped foot in Tallahassee in 1935.

"It's just a good life. You meet a lot of people who become your friends. Not only customers, but friends,” friends, like Pace Allen. Allen has known smith since 1936 and seems to be satisfied.

"Very, very good. He always does a good job, it's nothing new to him."

"Can't find a better barber."

"He's great to work with."

Not only is Smith celebrating a birthday, but he's a newlywed.

"She's a lovely person, good Christian lady. We go to church, we pay our tithes. That's the secret of it."

Smith says the only thing he can imagine doing in life other than cutting hair is traveling with his new bride. Even at the age of 90, Smith says he has no intentions to retire any time soon.