A DEFAC's Christmas in Thomasville, GA

It's going to be a merry Christmas for many more families in Thomasville. Noisy toys, books, shampoo, and warm coats are just several items stacked at the Providence Missionary Baptist Mission House waiting to be delivered. But some of the gifts were given early to Providence Plaza residents, and they didn't seem to mind.

"Wonderful that someone can help you can they think about you cause you know so many peoples in need. There's so many people out here can't make ends meet."

"It was awesome to see people showing real love. They really show real love and they care about the people out here so it makes a difference."

Murray and Sampson both received winter coats and other necessities they needed. The rest of the gifts were picked up by representatives from Thomas County Children and Family Services, Maya's House, and Safe Haven Incorporated. They will deliver the gifts to those people they work with that need them.

"It's just a wonderful feeling, especially around Christmas time, when we're able to impact needy families and children in particular. We're able to do this several times a year through our partnership with world vision."

The partnership, along with those organizations delivering the gifts, is sure to bring joy into the lives of about 400 people this holiday season.

Corporations donated to World Vision, who sent the items to Providence Missionary Baptist Church. Then, they made sure the items were placed in good hands.