Quitman School Appreciates U.S.

One local third grade class showed soldiers in Afghanistan their appreciation and thanks in a unique and memorable way. They've been patiently waiting for more than a month to get back the flag they worked so hard on.

"Each child made a strip. Then one child did the blue part for the stars and we sent that to a family member that's in Afghanistan."

The kids were all eyes and ears as Ms. Deal revealed the war-tattered flag and a special piece of paper with an important message.

"In a certificate the class received from the soldiers in Afghanistan, soldiers certify the flag the class at Quitman Elementary School made has flown in the face of the enemy on combat mission, Tiger Jaw.”

This flag is definitely officially and teachers say it means a lot to the kids and the soldiers.

"They get a lot of different gifts and things like that, but I wanted something that was a little closer to home and a little more personal."

But that wasn't all; soldiers sent back handmade bracelets to say thank you to the kids for such a special gift.

“What are you going to tell mom and dad when you go home about what happened today? What will you tell them?”

"I saw a picture and we got bracelets and necklaces."

And while these kids may not fully understand the war overseas, they know they have 25 new friends that are across the ocean.

"Thank you from Ms. Deal's class!!!!"

Teachers say they hope the flag will serve as a constant reminder to the children about the war being fought overseas.