Bring Your Kids to the Polls on Election Day

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Election supervisors around the country are expecting record turnout for Tuesday’s election, and to help keep voter participation going for years, some folks are asking their parents to take their kids to the polls as well.

Tuesday's General Election could see a record number of voters casting their ballots, but there could be a huge number of children in the voting booths as many politicians are asking parents to take their kids along for the experience.

Many parents who plan to vote say they like the idea.

Julie Greenhaw, who supports taking kids to polls, says, "It's very important because they need to know who leads the country, how laws are made, who's in charge of making the laws. I think my daughter Erin has been active in politics since she was two years old when she went to her first political function. Now she's formed her own opinions. I didn't tell her who to support, she has her own specific ideas and that's what she's following.”

Parents say this historic presidential election could help teach many lessons to the American youth.

Cindy Ganas, who also takes her daughter to the polls, says, "I think it’s important to take your kids with you to the polls. I've done it so I can teach my children about the freedoms we have in America and not to take those freedoms for granted."

It’s a message the children are getting and then spreading to their friends at school.

Kate Ganas, who is eight years old, says, "I tell them [to] try and get your mom and dad to vote, vote for someone, anyone.”

They are lessons that will stick with many kids for years after watching mom or dad cast their ballots. Most local voting precincts should not have a problem with children in the voting booth as long as the children behave and not disturb other voters.