Final Nervous Hours

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Florida elections officials demonstrated the voting machines that will be used Tuesday. Their goal is to quell any fears there will be a repeat of 2000.

Dawn Roberts, State Elections Director, says, "I’m absolutely confident that we will have a very successful election tomorrow and you will not see a repeat of 2000."

But long lines at early voting locations say political scientists are fueled by fears of a 2000 repeat.

Lance DeHaven Smith says, "There’s got to be a feeling of ‘gee am I sure that I really voted and am I sure that I’m really registered?’”

2000 is also the reason hundreds of reporters from across the world are in Tallahassee.

Abderrahim Foukara of the Al-Jazeera Channel says, “People are watching the state of Florida. They know it’s a swing state they know it carries 27 votes and therefore they are paying careful attention to it to see what actually happens here.”

The media tents are in place like they were four years ago, but unlike the 2000 debacle, if there is a recount this time it will be over much more quickly.

Four years ago lawyers for Al Gore strung out the recount process for weeks before they went to court. Gore attorney Dexter Douglass says the lesson learned was that any recount needs to happen in the courts and not the political system.

“If you want to be successful you should also be in a contest since the courts will count the votes or recount the votes if there is a manual recount. That takes a lot of the political partisanship out of the process.”

And without early challenges, the actual vote certification will take place November 14 with any legal challenges going to the court after the official vote is certified.