Energy Assistance in Georgia

People started trickling into the Neighborhood Service Center Monday to try to get some relief from high heating costs during the winter months. Through the month of November the service centers are only taking applications from people who are 65 or older.

Jane Kanes used the Energy Assistance Program last year and applied again Monday.

Jane says, "Oh my goodness, it's been a great help. There's been times when I couldn't make it without it because it gets awfully cold in the winter."

Eunice M. Smith says she has survived several cold winters thanks to the Energy Assistance Program.

Eunice says, "Because my income is low and I live in an old wooden house I need the help on the heating because it's hard to stay warm there."

To qualify you must have a written proof of income, current electric or gas bill, Social Security card and a proof of age.

Carolyn Butler, the manager of Neighborhood Service Center, says, "The program has been going on for 20 plus years and it's a rewarding program to the whole community."

The entire community will be able to apply for energy assistance on December 1.