Four-Year Anniversary of Mysterious Disappearance on Lake Seminole

Four years ago, Michael Williams left his Tallahassee home at 4:30 in the morning to go duck hunting alone on Lake Seminole. He was supposed to return home that afternoon to take his wife to Apalachicola to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary. He never made it back.

A dense fog hangs over Lake Seminole as wildlife navigates through the murky water. It's here that 31-year-old Michael Williams vanished. On December 16 of 2000, Michael hunted the lake for the last time.

A missing person report prompted a massive manhunt for Michael as authorities searched the shoreline and the cold water. Michael's truck and trailer were found the day he disappeared.

The following day his boat was found with all of his hunting equipment inside with the exception of his waders, but still no Michael.

Cheryl Williams, mother, says, “My son Nick was crying and said ‘mama they can't find Mike.’ He said ‘don’t know where he is.’"

Clay Ketcham knew Michael both professionally and personally. An employee of Ketcham Appraisal Group for 11 years, Michael's disappearance still haunts the office.

Nearly 80 people have disappeared on Lake Seminole. All of their bodies were eventually recovered, all of the bodies except for one, the body of Michael Williams, which leads Michael's mother to wonder what happened that December morning.

Cheryl Williams says, "I've always had just two choices. Michael's either alive or dead, but he's not in that lake."

Rumors roll in with each passing wave was Michael eaten by alligators, or did he simply just walk off? They are answers authorities hope will turn up with the tide.

Michael was officially declared dead six months after he disappeared despite the fact that a body has never been recovered. Investigators want anyone who might remember seeing Michael the morning of December 16, 2000 to call them.

As for the case it is still active, an open death investigation because a body has never been recovered.