Law Enforcement Officials Discuss Election Day Security Concerns

The package was found in the R.A. Gray Building where the state Division of Elections is located. Around noon, employees were allowed back into the R.A. Building because the box turned out to be a false alarm, just a box of paper left out.

Officers say they took it very seriously. Tallahassee will be one focal point of this election, so expect to see a lot of security in place in the capital city and county.

Hundreds of government employees were made to wait outside the R.A. Gray Building Monday morning after a security guard called police about a suspicious package he found.

John Newland of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "We were fortunate enough that it was early, so no one was in the building."

The suspicious package turned out to be a false alarm, but with an election coming that has many eyes on Florida and Tallahassee, they will continue to be ready for just about anything.

Chief Walt McNeil of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "We've got some areas downtown that were problematic in 2000 that we're working on to make sure we don't have the same kind of issues. We also have homeland security issues; we didn't have that same issue."

Deputies and officers alike will be all over Leon County and the city to make sure polling sites are safe and traffic is flowing smoothly, but you'll see law enforcement for another reason.

Larry Campbell, Leon County Sheriff, says, "Each of us is in uniform and I requested deputies vote early so that people won't feel intimidated. We want to make sure every voter in Leon County has the right to vote unmolested. We're in much better shape with Tallahassee being the focus of the world."

TPD says it’s happy the suspicious package was a false alarm, but it did give law enforcement an opportunity to test its response times and training.

Every Leon County deputy will be working in uniform. TPD will also be out in full force to make sure all goes well from a law enforcement perspective.