Water Bottling Proposal Still Hot Topic in Wakulla

Some say it's a topic that could sway votes Tuesday.

The bottled water issue wasn't on the agenda, but was the focus for residents during the Citizens to Be Heard portion.

Those in favor of the operation say it will be good for the county's tax base, while those who oppose it think it will affect Wakulla Springs.

“It will create a tax base for us. In the future it will create jobs, and I think it is a win-win situation for Wakulla County,” comments supporter Paige Killeen.

"The tax base is the water. The water belongs to all the people, all of us. A few people should not benefit from water that is a public resource,” says an opposed Linda Epler.

Daniel and Ruth High, who were not present during Monday night's meeting, want to pump 340,000 gallons of water from their property.

Until the High family can come up with the extra land need to rezone their property from agricultural to residential, the issue stands in limbo.