DUI Crackdown for the Holidays

Not to bring your spirits down, but Christmas is also regarded as one of the deadliest seasons by the Florida Highway Patrol. While troopers are preaching designated drivers, alcohol counselors have some advice of their own.

‘Tis the season for DUI checkpoints. FHP troopers say it’s a necessity as many folks choose this time of year to make a big mistake.

LT Carl Herold with FHP says, “Typically what we see is folks who don't drink throughout the year and because of some function they drink too much.”

Mental health counselor Barbara Kavanaugh says the holiday season also serves as a green light for those battling addiction.

Barbara says, “People who have alcohol problems use it as an excuse to drink.”

Kavanaugh suggests bringing your own cup filled with a non-alcoholic drink to keep people from offering you a drink, or for occasional drinkers make sure to mix in some food while drinking and use a designated driver if needed.

But it’s not just the partygoer that holds all of the responsibility, counselors say hosts play an important role as well. As a host, Barbara says be sensitive and don't force alcohol on guests. Offer festive non-alcoholic options and provide plenty of food.

Florida Highway Patrol officials say during the holiday season they are in full force, adding 35 to 40 more troopers on the roadways.

Friday night’s DUI checkpoint will be on Southeast Capital Circle