Workplace Disabilities

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In Thomasville there is an event to make people more aware of what people with disabilities can do. One man overcame his disability and is now a top employee.

Frazier McCullough was down on his luck.

"I lost my job when I first got the toe infection, which eventually caused the amputation, and of course I lost my health, medical insurance and just about everything else."

But all that changed when he found out about the Georgia Department of Labor's Vocational Rehabilitation Center. Now, he's telling his story to legislatures and other employers at a legislative breakfast forum.

"They came along and got me back into the workforce. They rehabbed me and gave me [a] course and then I met Mr. Michael Lee, and here I am today."

With a good job as a telemarketer, it’s a perfect match for someone with a prosthetic leg.

Michael Lee, General Manager of Circulations, Inc., says, "He's an excellent employee and he just needed a chance. The Georgia Department of Labor came to me and asked me would I give him a chance, and I did, and he's turned out to be one of the best employees I've ever had."

That's what this breakfast was all about.

John Bullock, Georgia State Senator, says, “People with disabilities, to be able to bring them out into the community and let them become a part of the productive citizenry, and that's what all of us want."

The happily working citizen Frazier McCullough is sharing his story so that others can have the same happy ending.

The breakfast forum was sponsored by the Southwest Chapter of the Georgia Rehabilitation Association, as well as the Department of Labor's Vocational Rehabilitation Program.