Let There Be Light!

As the sun sets on another evening at Wild Adventures, millions of Christmas lights come to life, adding a little magic to another Christmas season.

Kay Stelling, visiting from Orlando, says, "I've got to tell you, when I came to the park I was really surprised how they have everything decorated out with all the lights. Everywhere you go, everything has a theme, which kind of puts you in the holiday spirit."

Sonya Twomey adds, "It's all decorated, the lights, the music playing, it just gets you in the Christmas spirit. The lights, the different shows that they have and it's just an easy day of entertainment."

Marsha Williams says, "We're from Florida and we wanted to come up here. We're on break, so we decided to get started with our Christmas celebration because it's Christmas-oriented and all decorated for Christmas, and the music playing helps a lot."