More Flu Vaccine Arrives in Georgia

More than 2,000 extra doses of the flu vaccine were supplied in southwest Georgia, curing the dry spell at the Thomas County Health Department and shortening a long waiting list.

Carolyn Washington, the county nurse manager, says, "High-risk clients call in the past and place their names on a list and we're using that list to call people."

Hazel Jones is one of those people. Her age puts her at risk, but the shortage kept her from getting her shot.

Hazel says, “I just said okay, well, I'll just wait because there we're a lot more people that needed much more than I do."

Jones came back Friday for her shot, but state health officials are concerned that some people won't, and now the Center for Disease Control is worried that tens of thousands of doses reserved for the at-risk could go to waste, but not locally

Officials with the Southwest Georgia Health District say, "There's a great need for the vaccine and hundreds are on a waiting list. We don't anticipate the extra doses going to waste."

In fact, local health officials are anticipating even more doses soon.

"We're encouraging folks to call to place their name on the list."

That’s especially folks at risk who have been turned away and have given up on trying to get their vaccinations.