Historic Madison County Store to Close at End of Year

Now that the owner is retiring, this piece of history was a treasure in the small rural community.

Step inside Beggs Store and Museum in Madison County and you'll find yourself lost in time. This historical landmark established in the 1800s was once a coffin making business and funeral parlor.

These days the attic of the store still holds an array of coffins and tools used to embalm the deceased. It's now a museum for the community.

Tommy Beggs, owner of T.J. Beggs and Company, says, "Everybody is fascinated with it and we originally did this for our 100-year celebration in 1986, but we decided after people and schools kept calling we just kept it open."

Some of these antiques have been in the upper portion of Beggs Store for more than 100 years. There you'll find items ranging from Mr. Beggs WWI military uniform to his son's military shoes.

Those who come to the museum not only get a chance to go back in time, they also get to hear a piece of Florida's history.

Debi Gabriel, a visitor, says, "It's incredible. I wish it was an antique shop I could buy some of this stuff. It's very, it's very interesting. We've never been here until today. It's just very unique."

It’s a unique store that has an array of memorabilia from wooden chairs to a variety of garments used in that era, timeless treasures that may not be seen to the public anytime soon.

The store and museum will close its doors permanently December 31. Beggs has not decided if he'll keep the museum open to visitors.