Florida Unemployment Numbers Down

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Mother Nature played a role in the recent job boom.

Earlier this week we told you about employees of a local Piccadilly restaurant losing their jobs. A spokesperson with the Agency for Workplace Innovation says with the reality of job turnover and job loss, Florida's unemployment rate is actually going down, now standing at 4.3 percent.

Warren May of the Agency for Workforce Innovation, says, "And that's the lowest it's been since March of 2001. We've been through a recession, terrorist attacks, four hurricanes, and we're back where we started."

In Leon County, the unemployment rate is 2.5 percent, down from three percent a year ago. The major hurricanes which battered Florida earlier this year are being credited for taking away jobs and giving them back.

Warren says, "For example, between September and October we reported the loss of 9,500 jobs. Now a month later, we're reporting that we gained 20,500 jobs over the month.

Butch Hudson adds, "Which gives the opportunity to the less skilled worker to have an opportunity to get a job. There's a lot of damage in the state of Florida."

The agency reports Florida as having the fastest rate of job growth among the 10 most populous states in the U.S. Meanwhile, the Georgia Department of Labor reports unemployment for the Peach State at 4.1 percent.