New Election Technology

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CBS will be debuting a new high-tech map for Tuesday’s election. With these new data maps, election results from all over the country are available right at their fingertips.

In the future, portrayed in The Minority Report, getting to your critical data was as easy as moving your hands around. During a rehearsal for Tuesday’s election coverage, we got to see how CBS news will use a version of that future now.

John Roberts, CBS News Correspondent, says, “Let’s take a quick look at our job loss map here. Bring it up for you so we can have a look at where these people live, particularly in Ohio. Take a look at Ohio; the deeper the color, the more jobs have been lost. Ohio is a wash in orange color, suburbs of Columbus, extreme bad job loss.”

Interacting with the maps is a lot like what you saw in The Minority Report with Tom Cruise, only you're actually physically touching on the map. A simple tap will bring the data even closer and all of it is piped through in Real Time.

“We have all of these data sets that have been plugged into these maps and they become, they're not Real Time, but they become a very good graphic illustration that's very easy for people to get a handle on.”

People working behind the desk and behind the scenes help ensure map data is up to date and the computer system powering the maps is running smoothly.

“It's a combination of hard data that's been stored in it as well as Real Time data that will be coming in through the course of the night.”

And what about the good old office pool on election results?

“There’s not really an office pool going. That may happen in the next little while. Certainly a lot of people are making their own prognostications and bets on who is going to win which state.”