Youngest Generation of Voters

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You may have seen a group lining the corners of downtown Tallahassee Tuesday, if not you probably heard them. They're students on a mission.

Matthew Tschieder says, "Everybody wants drivers to honk at us."

Not because they're Kerry or Bush supporters, but because they believe in their American rights.

Caroline Sherrill, a 5th grade student, says, "It's a right, not a privilege, other countries can’t even vote, you should use it."

Hundreds of students are using it this year. In fact, election officials say Leon County is breaking records when it comes to first time voters at the polls.

Earl Phillips, a young voter, says, "It's been a change in voting. Lots of my friends are voting because America needs a change, so they're getting out and voting.”

And of course there is Kids Voting, a popular option. To make the process fun there are photos of candidates so you can picture who you want in office. Even though their votes don't exactly count, it’s not slowing this crew down.

Vivian Deyo, a student, says, "I think the election is tight so people should get to polls, get into booths and fill in the little bubbles."

They’re bubbles that could make a lasting impression in this heated election.