All's Well?

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Operators at the state’s Voter Assistance Hotline are averaging at least 20 calls an hour each.

Hotline supervisor Barbara Leonard says the calls are mostly from voters who aren’t sure where to vote.

Barbara says, "A number of people are calling and wanting to know the location of their polling place, what precinct they’re in, they’re not really sure where to go, that sort of thing."

The state launched its Voter Assistance Hotline during the presidential preference primary in March. The phones have been ringing off the hook since the polls opened at 7.

At least some of the confusion may be deliberate. The state Democratic Party says it’s gotten hundreds of reports of people getting calls telling them to go to the wrong polling place.

Republican Party spokeswoman Mindy Tucker Fletcher says she’s hearing of hijinks too.

Mindy Tucker Fletcher of the Florida Republican Party says, “We’ve heard all kinds of weird calls, people picking up absentee ballots, all kinds of things. We just hope everybody on both sides gets the right information. Hotline operators are doing their part. They’ve answered more than 11,000 calls from confused voters since early voting started two weeks ago and the calls are still coming in.”