Thomasville Voters Seemed Happy with Voting Process

In Thomasville, reasonable wait times seemed to put voters in a very good mood.

Joanne Maxheimer, a Thomasville resident, says, "I think this is the best we've ever had, I really do, the best and the easiest."

Easy enough that she and her husband brought their son to show him how to vote.

Zachary Maxheimer, a Cross Creek fifth grader, says, “I just voted and I really liked it. I got a sticker and a pencil. It was really fun.”

Fred Dorminy says he's glad to get his sticker Tuesday instead of during early voting.

Fred says, "I think early voting may have been overstated. Some of my friends waited as long as two hours in early voting. Most I’ve talked to this morning have had no trouble going through the lines in just a matter of 10 minutes."

Ten minutes is all the time it took for these voters to make their voice heard. It may have been slow midday, but poll officers said they were expecting a lot more voters after
5 p.m.

Voters say the electronic voting process and early voting probably helped make Tuesday's voting much easier.