Polls and Prayer

Doloros Considine couldn't have been prouder to wear her Georgia voter sticker, but the small token she received because she voted meant much more.

Doloros says, "It's a devotional book for the presidency and our country really needs Christians to be out, standing up for our country."

As a small incentive for folks to go and cast their ballot, Bible Factory stores across the nation are giving out free Presidential Prayer Team Journals to anyone who votes.

Store managers say the prayer team is a nationwide organization with more than two million members.

Teresa Schultz, Bible Factory assistant manager, says, "It was actually founded back after the 2000 election when there was so many problems with adding up the votes and deciding who was actually the president of the United States."

Many voters were surprised by the gift and say the books are a reminder that all Americans need strength and courage.

Athena Prine, an Echols County, GA voter, says, "It could either make us stronger or weaker and you know we need to find guidance and we do that through prayer."

Voters say the prayer journals encourage folks to pray for our future president, whoever he may be.

Considine adds, "This year particularly we need it because it's very hard and controversial to be faced with such a hard decision to vote for the right people."

Store managers say they've already given away more than 50 prayer journals to Florida and Georgia voters.