Attempted Kidnapping in Thomasville

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A domestic dispute at an apartment complex has landed one Thomasville man behind bars. Investigators say things turned violent after he suspected his wife of cheating.

Nell Little has lived at Pinecrest Apartments for the last six months and knows her neighbors Bruce and Anna Brinson very well.

Nell says, "They are very nice people, very helpful."

But something went terribly sour. Little was awaken from her sleep after 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning to commotion coming from their apartment.

Nell says, "I heard a loud ‘thud’ as if something was thrown against the wall. I also heard doors slamming."

Little was shocked to learn the noise was apparently that of a violent argument. Though it's not confirmed, investigators say the argument ensued after the suspect accused his wife of having an affair.

Investigators say after grabbing his 30-30 rifle, Bruce Brinson dragged his wife out of the apartment to confront the man she was allegedly cheating with who lived in the same complex.

CAPT Troy Rich of the Thomasville Police Department says, "The suspect, who was the husband, was very irate, angry and was making comments that his intention was to injure all parties involved."

According to witnesses, a shot was fired.

Rich adds, "Where the shot was fired we’re unable to determine at this point."

Investigators say the woman managed to get away unharmed, and shortly after Brinson was arrested.

Nell says, "I wish Anna the best. I hope she's not hurt, and Bruce, I hope it works out. I just hate to hear something like this happen during the holiday season."

Brinson is facing a slew of charges including aggravated assault, kidnapping and terrorist threats. The owner of the apartment complex says there's never been anything like this to happen there.