Life Steps Camp in Valdosta

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It's the time of year where folks are giving and saying thanks for all the year's blessings. Some kids in Lowndes County are learning valuable life lessons during the holidays.

Coach Daniels knows that a good attitude plays a big part in a successful life and shares that message both on and off the court.

Jeff Daniels, VSU assistant basketball coach, says, "Not only these young people, but our players need to know that your attitude right now is going to determine how good you can be, not next week, but in a couple years from now. It's very important that they get that right now."

These campers are getting a full dose of everything they'll need to fill the shoes of their successful future selves.

Diane Howard, the camp organizer, says, "We believe that training the children to be responsible, to be trustworthy and to be caring, that that will make the difference when they are young adults and when they are old adults also."

These campers are now on the fast track to becoming model citizens. Organizers say the best thing is they are learning and having fun at the same time. Just ask the kids and they'll tell you..

Kayla Jordan, a camper, says, "I like the games and I love that we have a sponsor here and I love the way we set up the cabins and all."

And what would a Christmas camp be without a tree and 47 Christmas stars to go with it?

Jamelia Wright, a camper, adds, "I learned what Christmas was all about."

Organizers say the camp is time well spent, and more importantly, well invested.

Ted Edwards, a camp counselor, says, "That's how kids ultimately spell love; t-i-m-e. Me, just being here and playing with them and interacting with then and telling then good job and spending time with them, that was my involvement.”

Counselors say these campers are quick learners. They know they have plenty to be thankful for. The Life Steps Christmas Camp was free to every camper thanks to donations made by individuals, businesses and churches in the community.