Security Worries on the Job

The Payday Title and Loan on North Monroe Street was robbed Saturday.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office says one of the suspects is described as a light-skinned, black male about 5’7”, 180 pounds.

The second suspect has not been identified, but officers say he too was a black male wearing dark clothing.

LT Linda Butler, LCSO spokesperson, says, "About 11:30 Saturday, two black males entered the store. One had a revolver. They told the employees to get on the ground. They robbed the store and left on foot."

This incident has led to a protest. A group of Payday Loans employees gathered at the South Monroe Street location Monday morning to express safety concerns.

Jamel Bell, a Payday employee, says, "A lot of employees working for this company are basically afraid. Bottom line, they're afraid. They don't want to work; we don't have enough security. We don't have any protection and we just want to be made to feel safe."

Employees say they are especially worried because Saturday's robbery was the third in at least a year.

Jamel adds, "We don't feel like that's too much to ask just to have security, just to feel protected; Plexiglas, a door, police officer, that's all we want."

Phone calls to Payday's corporate office for a response were unanswered.