Generosity of Others Making Holidays Much Brighter for Hurricane Victims

The Terrell’s rental home and belongings had been completely destroyed by Hurricane Ivan. Since then the Terrell’s plight has appeared in papers like the New York Times and they've received an outpouring of generosity from around Florida and the nation.

Kelly Terrell just loves showing off her new 70-foot trailer. When we met the family in November they were living in an eight-foot-wide travel trailer with a stove too small for the Thanksgiving ham.

Since our story, fate has turned the family’s way. FEMA called out of the blue and put them in a 70-foot, full-sized home.

Kelly Terrell says, "There’s no words to describe it. This is the best Christmas present we’ve ever gotten. He doesn’t have to be in a playpen anymore."

Their previous trailer had no room for a Christmas tree. Now there are two, and there has been an outpouring of support from across the country.

Richard Terrell adds, "Life got a lot better. I appreciate everything everyone has done and is still doing."

In November her son Sean’s only toy was a tape measure, but now there’s a closet filled with toys. Kelly was reluctant to show us exactly what was in there for fear her four-year-old would learn about his Christmas presents before the big day.

Thanks to the kindness of strangers and even government bureaucrats, a Christmas that looked bleak is suddenly bright.

While life has gotten better for the Terrell’s, the family is still struggling financially. Kelly received several job offers after our first story, but they were too far away. She begins the job search anew after the new year.