Mediation Day

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While conflict over the presidential election has somewhat subsided, area kids are learning the importance mediation plays in resolving disputes.

During a round table discussion local students learned a lifelong lesson, the power of mediation.

Marcie Gsteiger-Cox of the School of Arts and Sciences says, "I learned there is more than one way to solve a problem."

This role playing aimed at resolving conflict is part of FSU's Mediation Day celebration. It focuses on school kids who are peer mediators.

Amina Kamau of the School of Arts and Sciences adds, "When you solve a problem make sure you are into that person and focused on them because you might miss something."

This isn't just child's play. There's actually a method to the madness and a lesson behind this game.

School administrators say teaching children conflict resolution is a skill that will help dissolve disputes in school and everyday life.

Jesse Jackson, Director of Florida State University School, says, "We all know people, not just children are constantly in conflict with somebody so it is important to participate in strategies without fighting."

Officials say problem solving is a treasured trade they hope will bring students full circle in their education.

November 1 through 7 is Mediation Week in Florida. Wednesday more than 70 students took part in FSU's annual Mediation Day celebration.