FAMU Prepares to Select an Interim President

While the race for president of the United States has concluded, a local search for president is just beginning.

Wednesday, FAMU held its interim selection process committee meeting and members say there will be several critical issues facing the temporary head Rattler.

FAMU trustees and other heads of the university are striving to get an interim president on board by mid-December.

Randy Hanna of the interim and selection process committee says, “We anticipate having nominations or applications received by the end of November and at the board meeting reviewing those applications and select an interim president.”

Now that the terms of the search have been defined, members of this interim selection process committee are listing the critical issues the new head Rattler will face. Leading the discussion was the president himself.

Dr. Fred Gainous, FAMU president, says, “Certainly it must be an individual who understands FAMU, the role of FAMU and the unique issues of family.”

Issues ranging from legislative affairs to implementing new technology.

Virgil Miller, SGA president, adds, “It's important that we identify a person that as I said before hits the ground running, someone who is not timid or shy in working and lobbying for university.”

When asked about sitting on this committee, President Gainous said, "This is about the students and the future of FAMU. I have no problem working in this area."

Trustees say they anticipate the interim president to serve anywhere from six to 18 months.