Death Threats in Gadsden County

Sheriff-Elect Morris Young is still excited about his win and says he was prepared for the negative attention to follow.

Morris Young says, “This is my second time running for office. It happened the first time and it happened this time. All I can do as a Christian is pray for them and hope they will get behind me and not look at skin color and look at a man that believes in this county.”

The car of one of Young's supporters is painted with racial slurs, a sign of how some in the county view Young's victory.

Brenda Holt, Gadsden County Commissioner, says, “He will be the fifth black sheriff in Gadsden County. There have been four black sheriffs during the 1800s, but not during modern times.”

Joanna Davis, a friend of Morris Young, adds, “I don't fear for him, but I know that going into this office he is going to have to be very strong because he is going to have a lot of obstacles he will have to conquer.”

Young's margin of victory was only 64 votes on Tuesday, and after the Canvassing Board’s counting of additional ballots the margin was small enough to force a recount

Judge Stewart Parsons of the Gadsden County Canvassing Board says, "All of the ballots were cast yesterday, but the ones cast at the polls and the absentees ballots will be run back through the machines and rescanned to verify the count.”

Morris adds, “When I entered this race I told the sheriff and everyone in my family that this is something that God has ordained me to do, run for office in Gadsden County and make it a better place for all people here.”