Four More Years

Some college students greeted daylight, unhappy their candidate did not win.

Michael Carr from Miami, FL says, "We already know three people that were turned away from the poll at FSU."

But Jeb Bush was so relieved he didn’t want to leave a post election news conference. Bush believes his brother won because the GOP out-registered Democrats since 2000 and because people knew where the president stood.

“The president clearly I think explained to the voters of this state that we are at war. Sen. Kerry couldn’t quite get there. We should prosecute the thing rather than fight the war," says Gov. Bush.

With more than seven million votes counted, elections officials say while not perfect, this election was near flawless.

Glenda Hood, Secretary of State, says, "We’ve worked hard, we’ve planned well, we were prepared to deliver just that."

Only the slot machine amendment appears headed for a recount, and that’s complicated by 60,000 absentee ballots in Miami-Dade County that remained uncounted when the morning began.

Gov. Bush says, "They knew how many ballots had been put in the bins to be counted and yet they weren’t prepared to count the ballots in a timely fashion because they didn’t have the capacity to do it."

Under state law, the first unofficial returns must be in Tallahassee by noon Thursday.