Georgia Votes Down Gay Marriage

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The proposal of an amendment that would ban gay marriages proved a controversial issue in Georgia. In fact, gay rights activists fought to get the measure off the ballot.

Vickie Burnette, probate judge in Thomas County, says, "Proponents to the amendment say it was flawed because it had more than one question. The judges ruled it should go to voters."

Georgia voters approved the amendment Tuesday by a three to one margin, leaving some voters disappointed.

Brandy Head, who voted against the ban, says, "I voted for gay marriages for personal reasons, but I believe if you love someone you should be able to marry whoever you want."

Michelle Watt and Dee Dee Conley voted for the ban for religious and moral reasons.

Michelle says, “I'm a Christian and I feel like I know that (what) God teaches us is His word that He created marriages for man and woman.”

Though the voters have spoken, Burnette says the issue may be far from over.

Burnette says, "Since they already tried to get it off the ballot before, I'm sure they will continue to pursue it."

Gay rights supporters in Georgia have vowed to challenge the ban, but ban supporters are hoping the courts will respect the people's vote and not over turn their approval.