Coats and Blankets in Demand at Local Food Bank

Chquita Samuel came to the Thomas County Food Bank to pick up a few extra things for Christmas day. She says things she otherwise wouldn't have at all.

"Canned goods and a few things I’m missing to cook Christmas dinner for me and my family. Some people aren't as fortunate as others are. This helps out a lot."

Darlene Turner and her daughter Brittany frequent the food bank, but Tuesday it was for a different kind of assistance, to pick out coats and blankets for the winter season.

"It’s cold outside and everybody needs a jacket. They're very expensive, and when you can't really afford a new jacket, this is a good place to come to. My daughter got a wonderful jacket."

To give you some perspective of the need of these donations, since last month more than 1,000 blankets were distributed in Thomas County.

"They’re just very much in need like the couple you talked to. If they didn't get this, then they really wouldn't have anything."

Darlene and Brittany say their goods are just in time for Christmas.

"We’ll be able to use everything we receive and I appreciate it. Everybody helps out. They'll (the community will) be blessed for this."