Gag Lottery Tickets

What if you found out you were the winner of $50,000 only to find out it was all a hoax?

Tallahassee resident Betty Hampton received a scratch off lottery ticket this weekend as an early Christmas gift, a ticket worth $50,000. She didn't believe it, so she went to a nearby store clerk to verify it for her.

"He looked and saw it was real. It said $50,000, $50,000. He said, 'Today is your lucky day,' and I said, 'Yea!'"

She called an official with the Florida Lottery and was on her way to claim her prize, but on the way there, she realized it was only a joke.

"Naturally, I thought, here I am, I'm disabled and there goes my dreams and home, too."

After Betty got over being hurt, she decided to play the same gag on one of her close friends, Merrilee Spears. She was overjoyed, until she read the back.

"It said, ‘Claim forms supplied by Santa Claus. All winning tickets must be validated by the tooth fairy.’ I was so embarrassed. When I got back in the car, it just hit me."

These fake tickets can be purchased almost anywhere and look very real!

"If you turn it over and it doesn't have our secretary's name on it, then you know for certain that it's not an official Florida Lottery scratch off ticket."

Florida Lottery officials say some Circle-K stores sold the gag tickets for a little while, but pulled them from the shelves two weeks ago.