Local Governments Seeing Green This Christmas

It's not just local business leaders who are enjoying strong sales this shopping season. Local governments are also cashing in, thanks to sales tax revenue that's growing right along with sales.

"For December, and each and every month, it's important for our projects that we have good sales in our community."

Thanks to voter-approved, special local options sales taxes, many projects can continue to be financed.

"The projects include things like water and sewer, including things like renovations at the jail, including paving projects."

A packed parking lot at the Colonial Mall in Valdosta is just one sign that sales tax collections are going well. Another sign says the sales tax revenues are exceeding expectations for the year.

"We, in our projections, figured for a four-percent growth in revenue and at this time, we're slightly over that point. So we believe that 2004 will be a very good year from a sales tax standpoint."

Helping pay for many needed projects, and even paving the way for a slight property tax rollback, all thanks to shoppers' willingness to spend a little extra.