Christmas Baskets Abound

Tymeka Brown had a feeling things were going to go her way this Christmas, despite a year full of some hard times. And thanks to new horizons and hope for the suffering, she was absolutely right.

"I told my niece this was going to be a good day and that Christmas was going to be wonderful, and I have already got my first present."

It’s a present that promises a warm meal for her and her three kids this Christmas. A line of folks waited patiently to apply for one of the 250 Christmas baskets filled with apricots, green beans, and corn.

"And all the food is obviously such a blessing to these folks. Most of them thought they had missed out this Christmas season. As you know the holiday is less than a week away, but thanks to some last minute luck and a lot of good faith, these people have hams and a lot of other things to smile about this season."

"It really brings back the reason for the season to the community because they see all this giving and all these people that really care and support them, and it really brings a little bit of joy into their hearts that they can carry into the next year," joy that's written all over the faces of these kids and their parents.

"We're going to have a wonderful Christmas now,” as will 249 other families this holiday season.