Voting Pyschology

As the excitement sets in for many Bush backers, the reality of defeat is being felt by many Kerry supporters, but what about the thousands of students who organized, rallied and participated like never before and watched “their guy” lose Tuesday night?

What are they thinking now? There were more voter rallies and registrations for college students than our cameras could keep up with.

Amber Smalley, president of TCC College Democrats, says, “I know every day for early voting students would be wrapped around the corner, so I know we achieved that here in Leon County.”

At FSU, one organization reported at least 5,000 new registered voters with many hoping to make a change in the White House. So, do they feel efforts were in vain?

David White with FSU College Democrats says, “It's going to affect future participation, but in a positive way. A lot of people said, 'I didn't really care about politics until I came up here this year.'”

And although many of these young Democratic voters watched in disbelief as Florida turned red, students say they did their job locally.

Monique Gillum, a FAMU student, says that Tallahassee had a 76 percent turnout rate. Tallahassee was one of Kerry's biggest supporters.

FSU political psychology professor Jeff Nondak says it's likely that Kerry's loss will lead his supporters, and especially younger voters, to work even harder next time.