Recount at the Georgia House

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In Georgia, the race for a seat in the state House District 172 was a rather close one, so much so that folks in Grady and Decatur Counties are wondering if there will be a recount.

In the race for a seat in the state House District 172, Gene Maddox got 50.9 percent of the vote beating Wallace Sholar, the incumbent who had 49.1 percent.

Jack Davis of Whigham thought the race was over, but the Grady County elections superintendent says because the race was so close some voters are wondering about a recount.

Sadie Voyles, Election Superintendent for Grady County, says, “Usually if the difference in the total votes cast is less than one percent, then a recount is asked for. This one is just a little greater than that so there could be that possibility but we have not heard anything.”

If there were a recount it would be conducted by the state. A spokesperson for the secretary of state says it's too early to tell and says, “Currently election results are unofficial and incomplete until certified at the local level, and forwarded to our office for final certification.”

All votes have been tallied in Grady and Decatur Counties except for 35 provisional ballots.

Sadie adds, "There's only 35 total votes, it would take over 100 votes to make a difference."

And Voyles says with the new touch screen voting machines human error in the total count so far is virtually impossible.

Eyewitness News tried to get in contact with Wallace Sholar for a comment, but was able to. The votes in Grady County will be verified by the end of the day and sent off for certification Friday.