Magnum P.O.'D?

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is going to ban hunting rifles from November 25, 2004 until February 17, 2005, just in time for hunting season around and in the Lake Jackson lake bed.

"I’m not aware of anyone hunting out there with a high-power rifle. But it does make sense. It's growing fast out there."

The FWC says that soon Lake Jackson is going to see a decrease in water levels, making it easier for hunters to walk across the lake bed, and if they're using high-powered rifles, it could be dangerous to people living nearby.

"I love to hunt just as much as the next guy. I really don't think it's going to hurt anything. There are so many places to hunt in Leon County. With Lake Jackson being such a public place, you don't need a high powered rifle."

But FWC says shotguns and other lawful equipment will be allowed.

"A lot of people go duck hunting at the lake, and of course, you use a shotgun."

So local hunters say, since it's a matter of safety, this will be an easy situation to bite the bullet.