Salvation Army Ready to Help Needy Families This Holiday Season

For some, the finances just aren't there and that's where the Salvation Army takes action.

We've all seen and heard the volunteers that make these bells ring but many never see where the donations go. MAJ Robert Green says the money is used to distribute food, clothes and toys to families that have applied for help. Green tells one woman's story.

"When she went into the toy shop and they brought her the toys she fell over on the table and just wept because her children had talked about the things they wanted and what she got from the people who had donated the money. What she got was exactly what her kids had wanted."

The Salvation Army helped Laura Griner when she was in need, and now she's a volunteer urging others to do the same.

Laura says, "It just bothers me seeing people out there that have everything and they won't help anyone and so many people have nothing and they're willing to do anything for help."

Griner says she'll be out there ringing those bells whenever she gets a chance. If you or someone you know needs help during the holidays you can call 229-226-3772 to apply for Christmas assistance.