North Florida Fair Opens

No matter how many times you've been, it's always exciting to be at the Fair.

Josephine Whiddon says, "Oh yes, it's changed all along, it's a much larger fair now than it used to be."

You may run into old friend or taste something for the first time. You may even take your chances at a game or two, and if you’re really bold you'll take a spin on the fair's newest ride, "The Freak Out."

Adam Harrison says, "It was a good ride. We had one girl that was about freaked out, but other than that it was good; short, but it was good."

Tabitha Coach adds, "It was fast and wasn't scary at all."

Fair-goer Brian Williams and his family opted for the traditional bumper cars.

Brian says, "We've been coming out here for years and this is one of their favorite things to do right here."

So it seems that after more than 60 years the Fair still has a little something for everyone. If you missed all of the fun Thursday night, the fair runs through November 14.