Memorial Service Held at Moody Air Force Base

The somber sounds of a memorial service filled Moody Air Force Base on Thursday. As members of the 347th Rescue Squadron honored America's prisoners of war and missing in action.

U.S. officials in charge of helping find missing service personnel say this kind of service really helps the troops getting ready to serve around the world.

Jerry D. Jennings of the U.S. Department of Defense said, "I go to the Middle East and speak with the troops who are serving. The morale is very high, but they say one thing. If they are not recovered alive, they understand that no matter how long it takes, the United States will continue to look for them."

Leaders of Moody's 347th Rescue Squadron say this kind of service helps give the airmen a real sense of purpose.

Vice Commander of the 347th Squadron, COL Joseph T. Callahan, said, "I'm not so sure this is a matter of morale, it is more remembrance and a celebration of what we do in search and rescue is important and we understand it more when we remember it, not just once a year basis but a daily basis, those who've gone before us."

More than 600 people continue the search for America's missing heroes.

There will be several more memorial services in the area next Thursday, which is Veterans Day.