Deputy Santa in Gadsden County

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Christmas will be a little merrier for some families this year. Many of the families in Gadsden County who received donations and presents from the Christmas Connection got their gifts Thursday.

Christmas came early for several Gadsden County kids. The children received an array of presents ranging from bicycles to dolls. Santa come a knocking with gifts in hand, but this time he wasn't riding his sleigh.

Instead, boxes of presents were delivered to kids in an old cattle trailer, complete with inmates and deputies helping to make it a merry Christmas for the less fortunate.

One mother of five was moved to tears when her children received the gifts. Her children along with nine others are jumping for joy and excited that this will be a happy holiday for them.

Sheriff Morris Young of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office says, "We're delivering the gifts to the unfortunate ones and I feel good about [what] the kids received; it’s Christmas time, that's what it's all about."

It's also about bringing a smile to these faces so they could have something to remember this holiday season.

More than 150 families in Gadsden County received donations and presented. Christmas Connection also donated gifts to other areas in the Big Bend.