The Holiday Blues

Although it's "’tis the season to be jolly," the holidays can be a very depressing time for some people, and while many of us are focused on finding the perfect gift at the mall, the most needed present may be something that doesn't even cost a penny.

Victim advocates for the Tallahassee Police Department say the holidays can uncover depression that is otherwise dormant throughout the year.

Even Jill McArthur says her son being overseas in Iraq for Christmas has made it hard to get in the spirit.

Jill says, “This is going to be our first Christmas apart.”

Psychologist Dr. Larry Kubiak says family and friends need to be extra sensitive to the needs of others during the holidays, but according to victim advocate Melinda Tudor, your job isn't over when the new year starts.

Reports show January has a high incidence rate for suicides. Signs of suicide range from people withdrawing from family members to someone giving away personal valuables. Doctors want to remind folks clinical depression is treatable through various techniques and medications.