Traffic Management in the Azalea City

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Valdosta will soon become one of the first cities in Georgia to have its entire traffic control system connected and controlled from one central location. The Azalea City should serve as an example in dealing with traffic issues.

For several months, the City of Valdosta's digital traffic management system has been slowly expanding, but thanks to a new $276,000 state grant, the system will soon be expanded to include every traffic light in the Azalea City.

Mayor John Fretti says, "DOT had enough confidence in us to give us all the money at once, to go ahead and get it in place by July and start taking the system through its paces to see how it works. It was going to be a three-year program, but we sped it up and we're going to get in going by July."

So by July, video cameras will be installed at each intersection controlled by a traffic light, allowing traffic managers to improve the flow of traffic from the central office.

Mayor Fretti says the program will replace or improve the traffic control system at every intersection in the Azalea City, helping Valdosta become one of the first innovators in traffic management in the Peach State.

Mayor Fretti adds, "We love to be a pilot project. We love to be the guinea pig and test some things out, get the bugs out. Whether it’s for the state, the feds, it doesn't matter because we have some tech savvy people here."

They are people soon to be empowered with the tools to help drastically improve traffic for years to come.

City leaders say tax payers should also be pleased because now the system will not cost local taxpayers, thanks to the state grant