Safety Measures in Need in Killearn Lakes

A black cross and wreath stand in the spot where 16-year-old Jonathan Barch was killed just six days before Christmas.

The Florida Highway Patrol says the teen was killed when he lost control of his car on Deerlake Road. On the same stretch of street, a maimed tree stands as a reminder of another young life cut short while driving on Deerlake.

And yet another cross catches the eye, this one for a 17-year-old killed behind the wheel.

With three fatal car crashes in less than two years, Killearn Lakes residents are calling for more lighting along the major arteries.

Brad Trotman of the Killearn Lakes Homeowners Association says, "[The] Homeowners Association has been approached for many years about lighting in Killearn Lakes. That's in Talquin's ballpark."

Residents realize lighting isn't the only fatal factor. Speed is another concern, but shedding some light on the dimly lit Deerlake and other streets is a start.

"My mother and grandmother won't come visit at night because they don't feel comfortable," adds another resident.

Residents hope adequate lighting will keep another grim reminder like this from seeing the light of day.