Teen Report: Handmade Holiday Gifts

Thirteen-year-old Millie Barnard enjoys the art of making gifts for close friends and family. It's a hobby she learned from her mom.

Millie Barnard says, "I saw her making crafts and I decided I wanted to help her with it and it was just really fun to help her."

Barnard says aside from having fun this activity brings the family closer.

Bethany Barnard, Millie's mother, says, "The thing I like most about getting the family into crafts, I think it's because they're younger, but they're far more creative."

The family creates everyday items ranging from coasters to ornaments, items that can be transformed into the perfect present.

Millie adds, "Just be creative; you can go online or just ask people and you can find all different crafts to make and it's really fun and people really enjoy getting gifts that are homemade."

They’re gifts that come from the heart and are not costly to make and could be sentimental to those who receive them this holiday season.

Millie and her family also sell their arts and crafts during Market Days.