Sheriff Recounts in Gadsden County

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A recount is underway in the Gadsden County sheriff's race. It'll determine if Morris Young will become the county's first black sheriff since reconstruction.

Young upset under-Sheriff Ed Spooner by a scant 64 votes on Tuesday and automatically triggered a recount.

A room filled with lawyers and both sheriffs’ candidates watched closely as elections officials conducted the recount of the ballots throughout the day.

Morris Young says, "I feel good about the recount. I won the race fair and square and I believe in the system, I believe in Miss Knight and her staff, so I have no worries. I won the race fair and square and I look to take office real quick."

Young's supporters say this election was marred with racial slurs. In fact, one of Young's supporters awoke to find a car painted with the "n" word. Because of that, Election Protection officials were on hand Friday to make sure the recount ran smoothly.

Sharon Lettman says, "We were assured that it was under lock and key under the supervisor of elections office, but the mere fact the community is concerned, this community has a history of voter intimidation and voter suppression and the community has stood up and they turned out overwhelmingly and they have a right to have their day."

Ed Spooner adds, "I think it’s necessary, it's a statutory requirement. I think it’s good for the citizens to see it done, to watch it done; it’s a good opportunity for people to see the actual recount and see how it worked. I think it’s a positive thing for this community. I think it gives everybody an opportunity to have a little faith in the system."

Young supporters say they have faith in the system but didn't believe a recount was necessary.

Reginald Bell, a Young supporter, says, “Sixty-four votes, it should be a done deal and now they say less than a 100, it’s 64 votes, it should be over with.”

The supervisor of elections expects to have the recount completed some time Friday evening.