Political Science Graduate Students

The 2000 election debacle is partly responsible. FSU's Political Science Department is skyrocketing in popularity.

About six years ago Florida State University had 600 students majoring in political science. Today that number has doubled to almost record 1,200.

Rebecca Young, an FSU political science major, says, “I was a dance studio major about three years ago but then I switched because I wasn't happy with what was going on. Part of it is a shift of interest, but also certainly the 2000 elections had something to do with it.”

And now, a political science graduate program that began in 2000 is getting students ready for active duty in the world of politics.

Bob Crew, FSU Applied American Politics Program Director, says, “We are training people how to run political campaigns, to be lobbyists and to be grassroots organizers.”

But sometimes these newly inspired and fired up poly sci students have to be handled with care. Department heads admit just like the real world class discussions can become a little heated.

Dale Smith, chair of the Political Science Department, “Faculty have to make sure conversations stay civil, students try hard to engage each other with civility.”

Of course, political science professors and students say the current news is a great learning tool. One professor commented that this past election served as their "laboratory" for this semester.